I offer online drum tracks for bands, composers, and singer-songwriters, and record most of them at my own studio.    My drums are always set up and mic'd, and I am able to do as many revisions as necessary to ensure that you get exactly what you're looking for- we're not done until you're 100% satisfied. I can deliver Pro Tools or Logic project files, the individual audio stems of each microphone/track, and a stereo mix down of the entire drum kit.  Additionally, I can often turn these tracks around in as little as 24 hours should you find yourself on a tight deadline.   Contact Me to discuss your project or get a quote.  Below are some examples of my work:

I also offer drum tracks recorded at Coupe Studios in Boulder, CO, where I am one of the house engineers. You can learn more about the studio here .  Each of these sessions requires a unique setup and teardown of all the drums and microphones, and as a result I'm unable to offer free revisions for these tracks.  To ensure that you get exactly what you need, I demo out the tracks at my studio and send you mp3 mixes until you're happy with all of the parts and performances.  This ensures that you know exactly what you'll be getting before I book the session to record the final drum tracks.  Turnaround time is typically not more than 2 weeks for these tracks, and often much less, but is subject to availability at the studio.  Contact Me to discuss your project and get a quote.