I offer online drum tracks for bands, composers, and singer-songwriters. The key elements of my drum tracks are the feel, sound, energy, vibe, and groove, and I focus on delivering the best version of the perfect part for your song. I record my drum tracks at my state-of-the art facility in Nashville, TN. The room is acoustically treated and features API / Neve style preamps and high end microphones. I have engineered in major studios and know my way around a full console, patch bay, and outboard gear, and I bring this experience to my tracks. The kit is always set up and mic'd and I have a wide variety of drums and cymbals that I can switch out to tailor to the needs of your specific song.  My main goal is to SERVE THE SONG. I strive to help the writer's vision come to fruition by perfectly complementing their song and never distracting from it.

All I need to get started is an mp3 mix of your song with and without any demo or software drums you may have, and BPM of the track. I can deliver individual audio files of each drum channel in whatever format you need, or do a stereo mix down of the entire drum kit. I record 3 full "keeper" takes, each with some variations, give you options to choose from and different parts to work with. I also offer a free revision with each track and can do additional revisions for a nominal fee.  Contact Me to get a quote or ask me any questions, I'd love to work with you on your project.